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Eating Grapes


As a medical speech therapy practice our aim is to provide evidence based services for dysphagia, speech, language, motor speech and cognitive communication limitations and changes. I start each new case with formal and informal testing, viewing diagnosis and symptomology as a whole. A thorough case history intake is conducted upon evaluation combined with detailed assessment in all areas indicated by the patient/family/caregiver.  


My focus is to individualize each of my client's plan of care, incorporating family/caregiver training along the way tailored to each patient with extensive caregiver education and training. My therapy style focuses on the wellness of the aging brain and quality of life of each individual who I have pleasure of treating. From swallowing difficulty/dysphagia to motor speech dysfunction to cognitive changes/decline to various other adult services, your ability to regain function, relearn/learn new skills is our priority.  


Your health deserves proper care, attention, and compassionate guidance. Please contact me today to schedule an appointment.

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Patients and caregivers have depended on me to provide this valuable services with focus on extended advocacy services after discharge.  This concierge service provides extensive education, counseling, and patient advocacy to take our service model to the next level of patient-centered care. 

Once our in-office/telehealth treatment sessions are discontinued,  I offer post-discharge consultative sessions with customized options to any of my patients who would benefit from additional advocacy, resources, and referral.  I want to ensure my clients are followed closely post rehabilitation, knowing they can consult me for information on additional resources any time after services have been discontinued

As the owner of Trinity Speech Therapy, LLC, and I’m dedicated to building long-lasting relationships based on trust and clinical integrity.



We pride ourselves in keeping up with the most well-support, researched and evidenced based therapy techniques and resources.  Our courses and educational resources aim to help our clients, caregivers, and professionals gain knowledge and resources upon completion of our presentations. Our educational workshops and provisions are also designed to expand the knowledge and learning of support staff, professionals and businesses in order to thrive in an ever changing medical industry.  Ask us today how we can customize workshops, courses, presentations, and resources to help you!



I’ve cared for numerous patients throughout this unprecedented time during COVID-19 pandemic as a Speech-Language Pathologist, and value the health of those I serve as this has inherently shifted the platform of how clinicians practice. 

In my practice, we will ensure that all public health and state guidelines are followed as we gather more information on how to navigate this together. To further comply with these guidelines, I have invested into advancing my service delivery methods, using telehealth as an additional platform to ensure the safety of my patients. 


Please contact me for further consultation via email and/or phone regarding information on our newly updated telehealth service delivery platforms.

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